Policy statement

Focus and scope of activities

The management of Vriezoo B.V. hereby declares to have an integrated management system within
the organization.
Scope: performing ROV services

This management system covers all legal health, safety and environmental obligations, as prescribed
by the law and regulations, customer demands and demands from our most important stakeholders.
The management system of Vriezoo B.V. also meets all requirements prescribed by the ISO 9001
(version 2015)and ISO 45001 (version 2018).

Vriezoo B.V. presents itself as an organization which specialism is to perform ROV services. Vriezoo
B.V. is known for the flexibility of their personnel and their fast and high quality services. Our aim is to
combine both flexibility and high quality services as efficient as possible together with our clients.

Customer demands

Customer demands are considered to be of great importance to our business. Our customers ensure
the continuity of our work activities. The customer demands are established by analyzing our
customers. Based on the customer’s demands Vriezoo B.V. developed the services that we offer. Our
management system contains procedures, which describe how our company ensures to constantly
fulfill and comply to our customer’s demands. Annually, prior to the management review, we evaluate
our experiences regarding to the customer demands.

Quality and occupational health

Our management system contains the description of our processes. The requirements within the ISO
9001 (version 2015), ISO 45001 (version 2018). are taken as the starting point.

The management of Vriezoo B.V. is responsible for the management system and that it complies with
the law and regulations. The SHE-Q manager is responsible for the management of the management
system. As a member of the management, he is responsible to ensure all employees understand the
goals of the management system and that they are able to execute the necessary requirements.

In the area of safety, health and environment it is necessary that all employees realize the impact that
their work has got on these variables. Management and the SHE-Q manager play an informative,
monitoring and guiding role.

All employees are instructed to comply with the procedures in the management system. Management
evaluate the deployment and operation of the management system (such as procedures and work

Health, safety and environment

Health, safety and environment are of great importance of our processes. At the operational level, this
means that during our work activities we – wherever possible – avoid personal injuries (of our
employees and others), as well as environmental and material damage. The continuous improvement
of the work and environmental conditions form an important precondition during our strategic
decisions. This means we take preventive measures with respect to dangerous situations.

Necessary resources

During the establishment of the management system the management determined the sufficiency of
the resources (training/ equipment/ infrastructure) available for the implementation and management
Policy statement-VRI 2019.docx, 10-02-2016
of our management system. Needed actions are taken. Annually, during the periodic management
review, we evaluate the sufficiency of the resources and – if needed – specify actions.

Corrective, preventive and improvement measures

Every employee in the organization has the right and obligation to provide the organization with points
for further improvement. The goal is to continuously improve our processes related to health, safety
and the environmental issues.


Every year, during the evaluation of the management system, annual goals are formulated and
evaluated in terms of quality, safety, health and the environment. These goals, together with the
stakeholders analysis is considered to be a vivid part of this policy statement.

Winkel, December 19th, 2019

Willem de Vries

This policy statement is communicated within the organization and available on request to the public
and all important stakeholders.